TOMODAJI is the bag design brand from quality handcrafted materials.
  • Special TORU reviewed by K.Mimh
    Big TORU’s carrying DSLR camera and all accessories.

    (presso Switzerland)

    Our favorite “NOTO” now comes in a gorgeous coffee brown colour!!

    Thank you to our awesome Bryant! See how he looks with his clutch is perfectly suited in bright blue colour!

    Are you getting ready for working!?? (presso Milano - Italy)

  • Party never over!!!

    Thanks again my lovely Martina and Marcella!
    (presso Milano - Italy)

  • Focus on Cool Marcella’s mini clutch!

    Mini Noto
    color :: Blanched Almond
    Style :: Clutch
    Material :: Genuine Vegetable Tanned Leather
    Size :: 30 cm. x 21.5 cm. (presso Milano - Italy)

  • Focus! with lovely Martina <3

    Kuri Kuri
    color :: Snowwhite
    Material :: Canvas and Genuine Leather
    Style :: Tote , Back sack , shoulder bag, cross body.
    Size :: 43 cm. x 36 cm. (presso Milano - Italy)

  • SPOTTED in Milano👜👝

    TOMODAJI night out party with cool girls!!

    Thank you my lovely clients! Martina & Marcella.
    #KuriKuri #Tote #MiniNoto #Clutch #Milano #bags #brands (presso Via Broggi)

  • Kuri // Toru // Noto

    more info. on Facebook : tomodajitheleather

  • Front sign shop!

  • Review from K. Peemai!!
    so cute!! Thank you kaa 😊 @___peemai